Speed Training

Speed Training – Spring and Summer

Every Tuesday at 6:30pm, beginning in April and ending in September, Glen Ellyn Runners will hold Speed Training session tailored to help you peak for the fall racing season.

Speed training works both the aerobic and the anaerobic system. Sessions include precisely measured intervals that match the runners level of conditioning. Speed training will make the runner faster. More importantly, these workouts also helps prevent the injuries often associated with repetitive endurance exercise, and they allow you to increase your training intensity without over-training or burn-out.

Early in the program, speedwork participants will run a 1-mile time trial. The time trial will provide a performance measurement that will allow participants to determine their improvement over the season. Speed Training is coached by GER Members, Rick Johnson & Bob Jones. Our coaches will give you specific instructions at the beginning of the workout. We have two different groups, based on runners goals.

Group A will follow our traditional training. Generally, workouts rotate each week from Tempo Runs the path to interval runs on the track to Hill repeats on the local streets.

Group B will be focused a little more on speed. You’ll see more Fartleks and Tempo Runs at a faster pace.

Speedwork_Work Sheet – Glen Ellyn Runners