“I started running when I was 50 to support the Leukemia Society in honor of a friend of my daughters. I actually walked my 1st marathon and was shocked that my friend and I walked it in 5.5 hours. She of course said we need to run the next one and I said “no way, I don’t run”. We walked/ran the next one – running and walking a minute. Shockingly I finished in 3hrs 57min and had no clue that I qualified for Boston. I didn’t even know what the Boston Marathon was. Running has changed my life, especially since I’ve joined GER. Have made some great friends and so appreciate them keeping me active. Totally never thought I would be doing this at my age! LOVE GER!!”

~ Karen Kowalik

“Running with GER over the last four years has been a great way for me to stay fit and be around some really terrific people who love running – some a bit too much. I feel lucky to have met such a great group who a share a common passion.”
~ Chuck Vinci

“I really do not think I would have been able to run my first marathon without the support and advice from my friends in GER. I am a slower runner and the support and encouragement that I received was what kept me going! I love that this is such a diverse group of people who really care for each other!”
~ Vera DiMartino Whittler

“Probably the best thing about Glen Ellyn Runners is the camaraderie. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a novice, there is genuine support.”
~ Micaiah V. Lubben

“Since joining Glen Ellyn Runners I have improved at all distances tremendously. After running several marathons training alone, the group really helped push me, encourage me and support me. I had wanted to qualify for the Boston Marathon for years. Last year I finally did and I really feel it is because I run with the Glen Ellyn Runners.”
~David Maze

“I joined the Glen Ellyn Runners during the fall of 2010 in an attempt to meet new people who also enjoy running like me. I attended a Thursday night run and immediately felt welcomed into the group. Because I was a little nervous to complete the full workout distance on my first run, I ended up stopping on the I-355 Prairie Path bridge with a very nice member of the group. Not only did I meet some wonderful friends and running partners in GER, I also met another very important person in my life: Dan, the nice guy who waited with me on the bridge during my first run. We got married in May of 2013. The Glen Ellyn Runners opened many new doors in our lives. Dan and I are incredibly thankful for the dear friends we made through the group. We both loved running before joining the group, but we now realize how much more fun running can be when surrounded by fellow GERs and supportive friends.”
~ Kristin Albright

“Running is the tonic for my heart and lungs. Running with friends is the tonic for my soul. Glen Ellyn Runners is the best club for both.”
~ N.B.